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Guan County hvdac Filter Equipment Co., Ltd.
Address:Lin Town Industrial Zone, Guan County, Hebei City, Langfang Province
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Guan County Handeke Filter Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in eighty, is located is known as "Beijing-Tianjin corridor" reputation of Langfang, is one of the largest production base in the north of the filter. Factory area of 50000 square meters, has advanced production equipment, strong technical strength and quality assurance system, annual production capacity of more than 20000000, is a professional company development, production, sales filtration and purification equipment.

      Our company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification in 2001, 2003 by the Langfang city "famous trademark" title, in 2004 May won the "Hebei province quality good faith demonstration enterprise" title, the same year in October won the "Hebei Province seventh session of consumers trust product" title, in December won the "quality products in Hebei province" title, awarded in 2005 in Hebei "the province famous trademark" title. We have been working to meet the needs of the market, filter to provide the best quality for client running mechanical cleaning. Businesses each year a large capital investment, the introduction of advanced production lines and improve the processing equipment. All raw materials are mainly composed of foreign well-known filter suppliers. Seiko manufacturing, each factory filter are subjected to rigorous testing, quality assurance. Companies pay attention to personnel and technical transformation investment. Existing senior engineer, senior management personnel more than. Excellent team, strong technical strength and financial strength, to ensure that the products of research, development and production. Now the development of the air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, hydraulic oil filter, oil and gas separation filter, oil-water separator filter, precision filter, E.D.M. wire-cut filter, spraying recovery, environmental purification filters and other types of products, 2000 kinds of different specifications of the series filter core. It is widely used in: the import of diesel generator sets, excavators and other engineering machines, wire cutting machine, air compressor, forklift, automobile and other equipment engine maintenance and powder spraying recovery system, environmental purification system etc.. We are committed to make your business smoothly. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We in line with the times to create quality assurance products, to meet new and old customers at home and abroad development needs.

      Guan County Handeke Filter Equipment Co., Ltd., imported materials, Seiko production, "core" it!

      Guan County Handeke Filter Equipment Co., Ltd., is your assurance! A large number of spot supply, welcome to sample processing!


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